Desktop Picture


Mars Rising Desktop Picture  v.1.0

Mars Rising Desktop Picture (1024 x 768) is a prototype desktop picture from the popular movie, Mars Rising.

Batwing Desktop Picture  v.1.0

Batwing is a 1024x768 desktop picture of a pair of bat wings with a blue jewel in the middle.


The Planets Desktop Picture  v.1.0

Desktop Pictures: The Planets is a collection of 20 shareware images for Mac OS 8.

Desktop Picture Frame

A simple and fast way to view your favorite images on the desktop. With this innovative software you can turn slide-show photos with variety of original and impressive frames, and then save it to share with your friends. Enjoy having eye-candy-framed

Desktop Carousel  v.3.1

Desktop Carousel can change or update your desktop picture at specified intervals.

Desktop Curtain  v.1.0

There are times when you need to make a screenshot which should meet the following requirements:- standard desktop picture (aqua blue or plain white, for instance)- no desktop clutterDesktop Curtain displays your favorite desktop picture just in fron

Desktop Gear  v.1.0

DesktopGear allows you to set your desktop picture in System 7.

Stattoo  v.1.5

Stattoo "tattoos" digital statistics right on your desktop picture: out of the way, but always handy.

SetDTPictureCM  v.1.0

This contextual menu simply sets the desktop picture to the file you control click on in the Finder, assuming the file is an image.

CCFinder  v.7y

CCFinder helps you to easily find pictures which were publicized under the Creative Commons License. CCFinder enables you to search based on specific usage criteria and shows you what you may do with each picture.

OrbitZoom  v.1 3

OrbitZoom is a free desktop picture viewer that uses Adobe AIR. By dragging picture files and dropping them into the program's window, you will be able to view those pictures at any level of zoom and pan over them.

AAADBS Wallpaper Changer  v.

AAADBS wallpaper changer is a software tray utility which periodically changes your desktop picture to one stored in a wallpaper folder under your existing My Pictures folder. Once installed,

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